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Nobody knows Tampa Bay like Ferreri Search. It’s been our home for generations. We are active. Involved. Engaged. And we know the very best candidates for your positions, even if they are not currently searching for new opportunities.

Our Relationships with Candidates

Unlike others, we establish long-term relationships with the very best talent in the area. For us, it’s not about a quick placement and then moving on to the next one. We know our candidates, their goals, their ambitions, and their career needs. We also know that these things can change over time. By maintaining contact with these individuals, we make sure we always have the most current information from them. Thus, when opportunities do arise we can swiftly and efficiently identify the very best fit for candidates and employers alike.

Our Relationships with Employers

We take the same approach to our relationships with the leading employers in the Tampa Bay area. Our well established, strong associations with Tampa Bay’s leading companies have been forged by placing talented people who share similar values and goals. Our industry focus is on placing them in Accounting & Finance and IT positions in the financial services, insurance, manufacturing, retail, real estate, technology and professional services industries.

Our Team

We’ve been there. We know about the positions we fill because we have held positions like them ourselves. With former careers in Accounting & Finance and IT, our team has the knowledge to qualify and interview candidates more thoroughly. This experience gives us the ability not only to assess the technical capabilities of the people we interview, but also to better understand the work culture of employers. This way, we can more readily and accurately determine whether or not the job seekers are a good fit with the culture of the client company.

Our Approach

Our priority is always on the long-term success of our client’s organization. Unlike many search firms, we focus on candidates who are looking for career progression within that organization, not those who are merely looking for a short-term jump until the next job comes along. That means we’re not out for the low-hanging fruit. We put forth the effort – a lot of effort – to make certain that we’ve conducted an exhaustive search for the very best job candidates for the position before we pass their information along to our clients. We run the search so you can run your business.

What We Deliver

We have deep roots in the Tampa Bay area. We know the talented candidates who reside here. We have strong relationships with the companies that call the Tampa Bay area home. Most of all, we have an unwavering determination to make every effort possible to bring the best candidates to our clients. The result is that for you, the process is smooth, with no time wasted. You can focus on what you do best while we focus on what we do best.

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