Frequently Asked Questions from Hire Managers

Why should my company work with Ferreri Search?

We won’t waste your time. Ask our other clients! We will be happy to provide references. We pride ourselves on meeting with our clients, gaining a strong understanding of their organization, department, culture, and requirements. Then we only submit candidates that make sense. We believe our job is to make your job easier.

When we present a candidate’s resume to you, we will also attach their references. Yes, we check them and make sure they are what we think they are before we submit them to you. We believe this is a critical step in not wasting your (or our) time, and making sure they truly are a fit for your organization and position.

Why is it important that we meet before you send me resumes?

We need to meet so that we don’t waste your time. Our initial meeting will ensure that we have a good understanding of what you want and need in your organization. There are many intangibles that are necessary for us to know and they can’t be fully communicated over the phone or in a job description. The time we spend on the front end of the search to gather information from you will save you from interviewing the wrong candidates. Our research has shown that this upfront preparation not only increases our probability of providing the right candidate to you first, but also that the candidates’ chances for success at your company are much higher.

What is your commitment to my company in return for your placement fee?

You are working with a firm that has years and years of experience recruiting in the Tampa Bay market. We know where to go to find the talent you want to hire. We know who is hiring, and who is downsizing. We know what companies are growing and promoting, and where morale is hurting and careers are stagnating. We know reputations and company dynamics. That means we know where to go to find the people you want to hire. Maybe we have known the candidate we present to you for a year. Maybe we have just called them for the first time this week. But we commit to finding you the best candidate for your opening.

And when we present that candidate to you for the first time, you will also have their reference information. We will work hard to make sure they are truly a fit for your organization, and references can speak volumes.

After we place a candidate with you, our job is not done. We only succeed if that candidate has a long and productive career with you. So we will stay in touch, both with you and the candidate to make sure that everything is going the way it should be. We don’t stop being career consultants after the guarantee period is complete.

Why should I work with you exclusively, and not engage other firms in my search as well?

By using one firm, you ensure the quality of the search. That may sound strange, but when multiple firms are engaged to work on a job and they know they are in a competitive situation, there is a tendency to send candidates “just to make sure.” The result is that you end up with a bunch of resumes on your desk, but there is no easy way to be sure which ones are the best. Sometimes the candidate with the best looking resume is not always the best for your opening. By working with one firm, you can objectively discuss the candidates, and determine who makes the most sense.

If you are busy, then using one firm is also the best way to go. Our job is to do the work for you so you can continue to do your job! So trust us enough to come up with 3 excellent candidates, with the assurance that you will find your desired person.

When we work with a company exclusively, our entire team makes that client its absolute priority, and we use all of our resources to make sure we give our clients the best!

Other firms have offered to work with us at lower fees. Why should I pay you more?

That is a fair question, and an easy one to answer. Perhaps it is trite to say that you get what you pay for, but it is true. We charge more because we provide you more. It is easy for recruiters to email a bunch of resumes that may or may not be a fit for your position, then let you sort through them to determine which candidates you want to interview. It takes much longer to get a full understanding of your open position, your company culture, and the direction your department is taking and then go to work to only present serious candidates. It takes longer for us to fully interview every candidate face to face and check their references before you ever see their resume. In short, when we present a candidate to you, you will see that our candidates are heads and shoulders above the “cheaper” firms. And that will save you time during the hiring process and provide you with a candidate that will have a successful career with your company.